US Partners With UAE To Accelerate Transition to Clean Energy

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

The United States and the United Arab Emirates signed a major new clean-energy framework on 1 November in Abu Dhabi. The partnership aims to ensure the swift and smooth transition toward clean energy and away from unabated fossil fuels. The US/UAE Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy (PACE) is set to catalyze $100 billion in financing, investment, and other support and to deploy globally 100 GW of clean energy by 2035 to advance the energy transition and maximize climate benefits. PACE's plan is built upon four pillars: clean energy innovation, deployment, and supply chains; carbon and methane management; nuclear energy; and industrial and transport cecarbonization. The US and the UAE will set up an expert group to identify priority projects, remove potential hurdles, and measure PACE's progress in achieving its goal of catalyzing $100 billion in financing, investment, and other support and deploying 100 GW of clean energy globally.

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