TWA Article Keeping Up With the Digital Age: What is Data Analytics all about? 

More and more companies are embracing this new way of extracting knowledge from downhole sensors in making better decisions and minimize non-productive time (NPT). Rigs provide massive amount of data to help drilling engineers optimize drilling efficiency, minimize NPT, and their associated costs. Learning to use data efficiently to improve drilling is a discipline that requires a combination of different skill sets including oilfield experience, statistics, programming, and effective communication. This interview explores this emerging discipline--the opportunities, challenges as well as what young professionals (YPs) need to know to have a rewarding career in drilling data analytics. To understand what's involved in the daily life of an analytics engineer, the skillsets required for the job, and how to make this transition, the TWA HR Discussion team interviewed Peter Kowalchuk, senior product manager, Halliburton Digital Solutions, about his experiences working with data discovery, visualization, interpretation, analytics, and decision making.