Baker Hughes Teams With Petronas on Industrial Digital Capabilities

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Baker Hughes and Petronas signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2022 to collaborate on industrial and oil and gas artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to accelerate the energy company's sustainability goals. The two companies will collaborate as part of Petronas' AI Center of Excellence (AI CoE) in Malaysia to complement the current operational expertise and AI capabilities of Petronas with the scalable oil and gas AI and machine learning (ML) technologies of BHC3. In addition, Baker Hughes will share its domain expertise and best practices in the areas of industrial asset management, standards, processes, and change management. The two companies aim to develop capabilities that will help optimize Petronas' assets, operational processes, and business operations through improved uptime, increased operational flexibility, capital planning, and energy efficiency management. "The complex challenges of the energy transition require new forms of collaboration," said Judit Prieto, vice president of industrial asset management at Baker Hughes.

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