Africa (Sub-Sahara) Algeria awarded four of 31 oil and gas field blocks on offer to foreign consortiums in its first auction since 2011. Shell and Repsol won permits for the Boughezoul area in the north of the country, while Shell and Statoil won permits for the Timissit area in the east. A consortium of Enel and Dragon Oil was awarded permits for both the Tinrhert and the Msari Akabli areas. Circle Oil's CGD-12 well, located onshore Morocco in the Sebou permit, encountered natural gas at different levels within the Guebbas and Hoot sands. Wireline logging analysis confirmed a net 9.7 m of pay. The first test, over the Intra Hoot sands, flowed gas at a sustained rate of 2.21 MMscf/D through an 18/64‑in. The primary target, the Main Hoot sands, flowed at a sustained rate of 4.62 MMscf/D through a 24/64-in.

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