Practical Techniques for Screening Deepwater Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Prospects 

This course will discuss the practical state-of-the-art techniques of Volume to Value (VV) to help attendees assess exploratory deepwater offshore oil and gas prospects and quantify economic values of the prospects. Attendees will learn how to develop a preliminary field development plan for a given discovery prospect and estimate oil and gas recovery, wells required, and costs. They will also learn how to conduct economic evaluation for lease sales or farm-in opportunities. Upon completion of this course, attendees should be able to evaluate the commercial potential of original oil and gas in-place in exploratory blocks and develop preliminary field development plans. Attendees should also be able to obtain value of the opportunity in order to make the decision to go ahead and develop the field or walk away from it, as well as identify constraints in terms of geology and engineering that will make it viable or impede the realization of the project.

  Geologic Time: Phanerozoic > Cenozoic (0.31)
  Industry: Energy > Oil & Gas > Upstream (1.00)
  Oilfield Places: