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The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry has committed to halving operational emissions in the next decade, confirming its pathway to becoming a net-zero emissions basin by 2050. As industry imposes work from home, health checks, and other severe measures, could digitalization provide relief? UK's First Carbon Capture and Storage Project Could Be Operational by Mid-2020s The Acorn Project will capture about 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the St. Fergus Gas Terminal and transport it for storage to one of three depleted gas fields using existing pipelines. Levels of stress and mental health problems among UK workers are at a 17-year high, according to the latest injury and ill health statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive. The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry continued to see improvement across a broad range of health and safety indicators last year, according to a key insight published by Oil & Gas UK. Offshore Industry Has Come'Perilously Close to Disaster,' Warns UK's Health and Safety Executive The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has warned the UK’s offshore oil and gas operators that they must do more to tackle hydrocarbon releases in the North Sea after coming “perilously close to disaster” in recent years.

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