ESP Application Design for Production Engineers 

Installing an inappropriate or poorly specified ESP leads to lost production, short runlives, and ultimately higher production costs. With the growth in ESP-produced unconventional wells, appropriate ESP design becomes more challenging due to divergent HP and head requirement at initial production versus the depleted well at end of life. ESP design is typically performed by the ESP vendors (often with less than complete design data), reviewed by the production engineer, and then equipment selected and installed. The "Why?" and the "How?" of the design What well, production & facilities information is required to ensure a successful design Function and operation of each ESP component and how it impacts the application design Calculations and data that make up an effective ESP design ESP application design by hand and using software Single operating point and dual operating point designs Gas handling approaches with ESPs – functional limits Reviewing ESP designs – how to read the report ESP equipment specifications This course will empower Production Engineers to understand the correct equipment sizing for a well and enable the engineer to quality check the design report provided by the vendor. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to perform a design and read a design report, comment on its applicability to the well’s operation, and know if the specified equipment will meet the well requirements.