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A report from Norway’s Auditor General criticizes several aspects of the way health, safety, and the environment in the Norwegian oil and gas industry is followed up by the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. Norway has invited companies to submit bids to use subsea reservoirs to store carbon dioxide near the country’s largest oil and gas field, Troll. Statoil To Become Equinor, Dropping'Oil' To Attract Young Talent Shareholders in Norway’s largest company, Statoil, approve the board’s proposal to drop “oil” from its name as its seeks to diversify its business and attract young talent concerned about fossil fuels’ impact on climate change. But serious personal injuries are growing, while feedback on the working environment, the HSE climate and perceived risk is moving in the wrong direction. Norwegian suppliers Framo, Maritime Partner, Norbit Aptomar, and NorLense have come together to create the Oil Spill Recovery Vessel Group to offer a complete oil-spill-response solution.