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A marked change from a decade ago, Appalachia, the Permian, and the Haynesville now represent almost half of total US gas production, EIA reports. BP To Buy US Shale Assets From BHP for $10.5 Billion BP ends a year of speculation as to who will buy BHP Billiton’s much-coveted US unconventional business, transforming its Lower 48 portfolio in the process. Drilling and completion expenditure and activity is projected to show multiyear double-digit growth from 2018–2022 despite a flattening of rig count increases. After a drop in drilling activity in recent years, the Haynesville shale has become a hot area for natural gas production in the US, and companies are looking to bolster their positions in the area. In drawdown management, operators can exert control over the downhole flow pressure, reservoir pressure, and choke size to avoid estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) losses.