Agenda - SPE/NACE Workshop: Corrosion Management in Oil & Gas Production Assets - 

Corrosion downhole in oil and gas wells and surface equipment constructed from carbon steel, generally occurs due to the presence of acidic gases (H2S and CO2) or organic acids in the production streams. In addition, solids can cause erosion-corrosion of downhole tubulars and surface pipework if sufficient gas or liquid velocity exists. Surface or topsides pipework and separation equipment can also suffer from corrosion due to bacteria activity. To control downhole and surface corrosion, several technologies are available including corrosion resistant alloys, coatings, biocides, H2S scavengers, and corrosion inhibitors. This session will discuss key lessons learnt in mitigating corrosion and erosion-corrosion downhole in oil and gas wells as well as surface facilities.