SPE South America and Caribbean Region Student Members Spend "A Day as an Engineer"


Back in 2013, Reinel Echavez and his colleagues at the Universidad de Oriente (UDO) SPE student chapter were looking for options to improve student communication and networking with the regional oil companies. Keeping this in mind, when Echavez made the transition to a professional position in 2017 as a reservoir engineer at Petrocedeno (a joint venture between PDVSA, Total, and Statoil), he joined the SPE Eastern Venezuela Section committee as the student liaison. "During that [student] time, we were working with SPE programs in the university such as Energy4me, Ambassador Lecturer Program, Distinguished Lecturer, and others, but we needed a stronger student-professional relationship with elements of participation, action, and development: "participation" for both parties--students and professionals, sharing knowledge and experiences; "action" where the students experience playing a role in the workforce of a company; and finally the learning "development" of the future professionals," said Echavez. Now as a young professional, he fulfilled his dream to support students prepare for their professional careers by launching the program called "A Day as an Engineer." "A Day as an Engineer" activities include touring the host company, spending a day with the company staff team, experiencing the company engineering workflows, helping in engineering calculations, and obtaining one-on-one career advice.