Global Market Trends 

Decommissioning and abandonment comes with its share of unexpected surprises, but many of those surprises could be avoided merely through better planning and care. The next big wave of decommissioning and abandonment projects is set to occur in the Asia-Pacific region, and APAC’s operators are now tasked with finding cost- and time-effective ways of unwinding their huge agglomeration of wells and facilities. The outlook in the UK is a case study of the squeeze facing E&P in other basins where operators are trying to pay to sustain production with discoveries, while plugging and abandoning old wells, all paid for by the lean cash flow due to low oil prices. From its record high in 2014, purchases of subsea equipment and SURF fell around 50% until reaching a low in 2018. New data suggest that the subsea market will be a top-performing oilfield service segment.