JPT BP, Chevron Bring Two More Offshore Projects on Stream

Matt Zborowski, Technology Writer 

BP's 120,000-BOPD Clair Ridge bridge-linked platforms (left) and Chevron's 75,000-BO/D Big Foot tension-leg platform (right). BP and Chevron have overcome development challenges to recently launch production from two offshore projects that were years in the making. The British major said 23 November that oil is flowing from its giant Clair Ridge project in the West of Shetland region offshore UK. Two days earlier, San Ramon, California-based Chevron said that it started production from the deepwater Big Foot field in the US Gulf of Mexico. Clair Ridge, the larger of the two projects, is the second phase of development of the Clair field, targeting 640 million bbl of oil reserves with output expect to ramp up to a peak of 120,000 BOPD.

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