Noble Leviathan Project Offshore Israel Gives 'Opportunity To Change a Region'

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Noble Energy's planned Leviathan natural gas production project offshore Israel "is an opportunity to change a region," Project Manager Brian Hogan told the SPE Gulf Coast Section International Study Group recently. The project will make a major impact on Israel's gas supplies and could transform energy sourcing for a number of locally undersupplied countries in the eastern Mediterranean area. "You're bringing an affordable, reliable source of energy--and a clean source of energy--to countries that don't always have access to it, or it's intermittent or it's not reliable," Hogan said. Situated in the Levant Basin and discovered at the end of 2010, Leviathan holds an estimated 22 Tcfe of gross recoverable resources and ranks as one of the world's largest gas finds in the last 10 years. The design of the $3.75-billion phase one of the project calls for production to be gathered from four subsea wells at the field, located in approximately 5,500 ft of water about 80 miles west of Haifa, and delivered by two 73-mile flowlines to a fixed platform that will be installed six miles from shore.

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