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Yellowtail-1 is the fifth discovery in the Turbot area, where ExxonMobil plans another Stabroek Block development hub. Conventional oil and gas discovered resources in 2019 are on pace to rise 30% from last year and reach their highest level since the beginning of the industry downturn. Here, a recap of the first quarter's 15 biggest oil and gas discoveries, which altogether are propelling the increase. The Pluma-1 discovery could turn the southeast portion of Stabroek Block off Guyana "into a major new development area," the company says. Odds on the World vs. Permian Fight Are Narrowing While US onshore still holds an edge, international oil companies are finding attractive options for diversifying their portfolios, mixing onshore with offshore conventional fields, where finding and development costs are down, and the time it takes to bring them on line.