Shale Refracs: Next Big Thing, or a Piece of the Big Puzzle?

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

A number of recent studies from the US shale sector are arguing that refracturing is a generally successful practice and that high oil prices make that even more true. New research from the Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas shows that refractured wells using liners can even outperform new wells benefiting from more modern completion designs. The developers of the liners and packers specially designed for refracs are also reporting increased interest for their technologies as the industry leans toward more sophisticated mechanical isolation techniques. In terms of the very lowest-hanging fruit, it is believed operators in North Dakota's Bakken Shale are sitting on some 400 openhole wells that if refractured would generate in excess of $2 billion--and that's at $60/bbl vs. this year's average oil price of almost $90/bbl. But despite the apparent progress and size of the prize, it does not appear that US shale producers are any closer to refracturing on a large scale than they were 5 years ago. Out of all the US horizontal well stimulations performed through September of this year, a little over 2% were refracs.

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