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Its exciting nature draws huge crowds and the program shows no signs of slowing down. The program provides organizations with maximum exposure to the crème de la crème of the international petroleum engineering student population, giving employers an enviable opportunity to position themselves as an industry leader and favored future employer with a vested interest in the education and development of students around the world. The PetroBowl regional qualifiers are an ideal way to gain exposure to the petroleum engineering students in your geographic area. It is also a chance to invest in the opportunity for these same students to travel to the PetroBowl championship and gain technical notoriety across a world stage--promoting the level of scholars and the caliber of the education system from your region. Your sponsorship will be fully invested into the PetroBowl program and will be used to host and provide student prizes for the regional qualifier(s) and/or championship contest, providing an excellent chance for you to identify and attract some of the brightest and most enthusiastic engineers in our industry and recruit them to build their careers within your own organization, thereby securing your future workforce.

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