OGF Article Trends in Facilities Design and Construction

Pam Boschee


Operators, as well as engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies facing large capital expenditure projects, such as new-build and brownfield production and process installations, are creating new designs and practices to accommodate the complexity of changing demands and environments. Short time scales, high levels of scrutiny, and compliance with standards contribute to the trend of larger and more complex engineering problems. Design, construction, and installation are being modified in unique ways, offering efficiencies and versatility. In mid-October, BP installed a 750-ton processing unit (18 m long, 13 m wide, and 28 m high) on its existing Andrew platform in the North Sea, 230 km northwest of Aberdeen. The unit will process oil and gas from the Kinnoull and Andrew Lower Cretaceous reservoirs. The Kinnoull field is one of three reservoirs being developed as part of the rejuvenation of the Andrew area.

  Geologic Time: Phanerozoic > Mesozoic > Cretaceous > Lower Cretaceous (0.34)
  Industry: Energy > Oil & Gas > Upstream (1.00)
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