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The operator piloted a new well-completion design combining inflow-control valves (ICVs) in the shallow reservoir and inflow-control devices (ICDs) in the deeper reservoir, both deployed in a water-injector well for the first time in the company’s experience. This paper discusses the first deployment of an ICD system combined with an OBC system for a workover operation in a mature producer well in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the objective of increasing its production to 4.0 million BOPD, the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is developing its fields with optimum technology solutions. This paper discusses the first multilateral well with a Level-4 junction combined with an inflow-control device (ICD) planned, designed, and drilled in the Upper Burgan reservoir of Raudhatain field, north Kuwait. Work conducted in the Surmont field of Alberta, Canada, provided an excellent starting point to optimize flow-control improvements to the SAGD process.

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