Message from the Chairs - SPE Subsea Well Intervention Symposium - 

The 2019 SPE Subsea Well Intervention Symposium is to be held at the Galveston Island Convention Center in Galveston, Texas on 13–15 August 2019. The symposium is the premier opportunity to interact with operators, service partners, regulators, and industry experts from across the globe who are focused on subsea well operations. Maturing from a niche sector of the E&P portfolio, subsea well intervention capabilities for operators are being viewed with increasing value as an integral part of asset and portfolio management. Emerging from the recent downturn, there is an increasing demand for readily accessible technology and operational capability to build a proven legacy of successful, value-adding operations. Intervention professionals are now tasked with striving for increased efficiency to mitigate cost constraints and improve overall well productivity, while maintaining a sharp focus on incident-free operations and regulatory compliance.