Technip Energies and Baker Hughes Partner on Modular LNG

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Technip Energies and Baker Hughes have signed a deal that brings the two technology companies together to develop modular liquefied natural gas (LNG) systems for use onshore. This modular approach, where the construction is accomplished in a controlled manufacturing shop environment, helps to reduce risk and uncertainties associated with on-site labor and schedule delays. The Technip Energies and Baker Hughes memorandum of understanding sets the groundwork for the joint development of LNG modules with the capacity between 1 and 2 mtpa for the onshore market. The two contractors seek to reduce the time-to-market for LNG to meet today's energy demand. The agreement will provide each company with an additional offering to their proprietary LNG modularized systems: Baker Hughes' mid-scale modualar solution, with a production capacity of 0.8 to 1 mtpa, and Technip Energies' SnapLNG, a fully electrified offering with a production capacity of 2 to 3 mtpa.

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