How To Overcome Casing Flotation Limitations To Access the Full Wellbore

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

For oil and gas operators today, remaining competitive means drilling longer laterals with less downtime, while creating the best possible balance of cost efficiencies. Casing flotation devices can help operators achieve these goals as they are engineered to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by ensuring casing reaches the bottom. In the Appalachian Basin, Northeast Natural Energy (NNE) was challenged to land 17,000 feet of casing in a horizontal gas well with a 9,000-foot lateral while maximizing operational and cost efficiencies. Running casing to depth in long lateral sections is complex due to excessive drag forces. While conventional casing flotation can reduce drag by creating an air chamber above the float collar that reduces sliding friction by approximately 50 percent, they shatter in large pieces.

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