Biden Tightens Methane Emissions Rule Amid Push for More Oil

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

The Biden administration on 11 November ramped up efforts to reduce methane emissions, targeting the oil and gas industry for its role in global warming even as President Joe Biden has pressed energy producers for more oil drilling to lower prices at the gasoline pump. Biden announced a supplemental rule cracking down on emissions of methane as he attended a global climate conference in Egypt. "We're racing forward to do our part to avert the'climate hell' the UN secretary general so passionately warned about,″ Biden said, referring to comments this week by United Nations leader António Guterres. The new methane rule will help ensure that the United States meets a goal set by more than 100 nations to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels, Biden said. "I can ... say with confidence, the United States of America will meet our emissions targets by 2030,″ he said.

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