How To Use Big Data To Strengthen Worker Safety

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Big data analytics is a big deal right now in the oil and gas industry. This emerging trend is on track to become an industry best practice for good reason: It improves exploration and production efficiency. With the help of sensors, massive amounts of data already are being extracted from exploration, drilling, and production operations, as well as being leveraged to shed light on sophisticated engineering problems. So, why shouldn't a similar approach be applied when it comes to worker health and safety; especially when it's the norm across a wide variety of other industries? While the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers came out with a safety performance report that showed fatalities and injuries for the industry were down in 2019, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that the oil and gas industry's fatality rate is 7 times higher than all other industries in the US.

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