JPT: Monthly Features 

An SPE Forum held recently in The Hague, The Netherlands, brought together professionals from production and service companies, regulators, and stakeholders to discuss issues that are shaping the well plugging and abandonment sector. Pressure pumping equipment has been one of the most neglected areas of technological advancement. This has started to change as innovative developers push out new technologies that are slowly modernizing fracturing fleets, delivering major fuel savings, and creating other tangible efficiencies. To analyze the status of digital transformation strategies and the pace of implementation in the Middle East, an SPE Applied Technology Workshop brought together operating and service companies and consulting firms for a discussion. In its first 50 years, LNG has become the world’s fastest-growing gas supply source and is now part of an upheaval in the global energy market. Today, the sector stands at a crossroads, and the industry must adopt new thinking to address current and future needs of buyers, sellers, and consumers. A study by a real-time monitoring company showed that many coiled-tubing strings are retired with a lot of life left in them.