One of the most important environmental issues of openpit mining is the closure of mine pit lakes. This article from Mining Engineering provides an account by Gerry Stephenson, who was chief mining engineer of Canmore Mines and was instrumental in the reclamation of Canmore Creek Mine pit lakes. With oil and gas facing a talent gap in the wake of the Great Crew Change, the industry finds itself competing for young talent looking for innovative, purpose-driven work. How can energy foster the culture of innovation needed to attract the new workforce, and how does it sell that culture? The updated document offers an introductory overview of the broad topics of oil spill preparedness and response and provides signposting and hyperlinks to a full range of materials from IPIECA and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. This paper details the methodology adopted to monitor gas-pipeline leakages using distributed fiber-optic sensing, using an optical fiber as a linear sensor to provide valuable measurement information from all along the fiber itself. It is “one of the world’s largest greenhouse gas mitigation projects ever undertaken by industry,” Chevron said in a news release.

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