Invited Perspective: Another World's First From The NCS: Subsea Gas Compression Is Here

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Answers provided by Rune Mode Ramberg, Chief Engineer Subsea Technology & Operations, Statoil. Steve Thurston, Chevron's vice president of deepwater exploration and projects compares developing US Gulf of Mexico oil fields like Jack and St. Malo in 7,000 ft to the 1969 moon landing: "Except we are going to the moon every day!" It really is impressive to see how offshore and subsea technology have evolved over the years. Of the world's current oil demand of approximately 93 million BOPD, some 27 million BOPD or 30% comes from offshore fields and the offshore contribution is expected to continue to grow according to Douglas-Westwood World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2005-2021. The Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) is among the front-runners in subsea technology developments and applications.

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