JPT Twenty-Year Effort Brings Only Two FPSO Vessels to US GOM 

The floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel is the world's most widely used floating production system, with 218 units worldwide installed or on order. Yet, despite the United States offshore industry's major advance into remote, deepwater projects, there are only two FPSO vessels in the US Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Speaking to the Rice Global Engineering and Construction Forum at Rice University in Houston in June, floating systems consultant Peter Lovie, who has worked on FPSO-related projects for more than 2 decades of a 50-year engineering career, gave a close-up view of the persistent effort to bring FPSO facilities to the US gulf. His talk was titled "2016 and Two FPSOs in the US GOM: The Twenty-Year Saga." An FPSO vessel produces oil through onboard wells or is connected to subsea producing wells and in some cases receives oil from nearby production facilities.

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