Succeeding in Section Activities During COVID: Messages From SPE African Section Officers

The Way Ahead 

In the last quarter of 2019, the world experienced a dramatic change in the way daily activities happen: A completely new and unknown virus (COVID-19) appeared, forcing many nations and societies to implement several restrictions in an effort to minimize contagion and deaths. In this article, some SPE African sections share their experience on how to conduct activities during the global pandemic, so other SPE sections can implement similar events to benefit their members. "[The lockdown] has strongly affected membership drive, sponsorship of events, and most importantly the conviviality that we used to have during most SPE in person events. We should know and agree that there is a paradigm change in the way we do things. Most guidelines and by-laws must be reviewed along COVID-19 protocols. Also, [we need to] ensure there is an updated methodology of reaching out to members and sponsors. We should be careful of too many virtual events/programs to avoid stress-related issues to our members. I also think we should start trying out hybrid events."

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