JPT BP's Seismic Innovations Used To Find Cheap Barrels Offshore

Stephen Rassenfoss 

BP is reaping the rewards of its focus on advanced seismic imaging, announcing four significant additions to its oil resources in the Gulf of Mexico, which can be developed using nearby platforms. The discoveries, which are at various stages of development, will help BP expand production in the Gulf of Mexico to 400,000 b/d, up from 300,000 b/d currently. BP has approved subsea development of 400 million bbl of oil in place near its Atlantis platform. The $1.3 billion project, Atlantis Phase 3, will tie back eight new wells to the platform located 150 miles south of New Orleans. BP plans to bring the project on line in 2020 with peak production of 38,000 b/d, and future developments are expected.

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