Permian Water Disposal Surges to Record High

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

Water disposal in the Permian Basin is likely to hit a new all-time high in the fourth quarter of 2020, exceeding 1.3 billion bbl for the period for the first time in history, potentially further expanding Texas' total water market which had already recovered close to its pre-COVID record in October, a Rystad Energy analysis projects. The water-disposal market is the last growing market of US land services. Behind the expected expansion is a combination of factors including a rapid recovery in activity, a steady clip of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects and base production structurally shifting to become more mature, which increases the water-to-oil ratio. The rapid recovery in the disposal market will position the region's dedicated midstream operators for better financial performance heading into 2021, with improved market sentiment as activity levels tick up. Before production curtailments started in March, Texas' underground injection possibly surpassed 30 million B/D.

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