Agenda - SPE Workshop: Coiled Tubing Intervention--Feasible Applications for the Region - 

Coiled tubing supports fracturing operations in a variety of situations, including preparation of the wellbore, manipulation of downhole equipment and millout of plugs. Since early 2011 coiled tubing has gained momentum for annular treatments and fracturing through coiled tubing. The advent of coiled tubing actuated sleeves helped operators complete wells with minimum post stimulation intervention. Coiled tubing can also be used in combination with downhole assemblies such as straddle packers for re-fracs, which have helped operators optimise existing completions. In recent occasions, the use of “intelligent” coiled tubing systems enabled comprehensive diagnostics pre/post stimulation. The challenges of deviated wells further emphasise the need for a solution that can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively with broad operational boundaries to support the development of unconventional resources. This session will discuss the latest developments and field applications of coiled tubing as intervention method for fracturing operations.