Agenda - IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition - 

Since the last event held in Thailand in 2014, the industry has altered significantly. Evolving challenges such as oil price volatility, the "big crew change", and digital disruption, require new approaches in applying business models and technologies to achieve cost and operational efficiencies, whilst meeting stakeholders' expectations to preserve the core business and, at the same time, stimulate progress by exploring challenges, successes, and strategies to create a fit-for-purpose set of tools, systems, models, technologies and capabilities that will reshape the industry for a smart and sustainable future. Complete MPD Rigs: Is this the Future? As the petroleum industry recovers from market lows and business recovers, we ask ourselves, what is next? This panel session shall discuss these and other appropriate topics including: - Rig utilisation forecasts - Regions for future growth - Rig types for expansion: Land, shelf, deep or ultra-deep water - Rig retirements, cold vs warm stacking and reactivation - Shipyard activity: Upgrades vs new build construction - New technologies in rig components or service delivery - Data management and work processes -Partnerships between drilling contractors and drilling service providers The industry's needs to position for recovery and forecasting is an integral component in the planning for next phase.


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