Agenda - SPE Forum: Understanding the Reservoir Beyond the Wellbore - 

This session will set the stage for what we can tell today between wells and what we want to be able to do in the future. The group will brainstorm at least two circumstances to initially attempt to determine the state of industry and identify topics for closing gaps in what we can know today. The group will frame our understanding in technical and commercial terms to highlight choices to be made, potential shortcomings, and aspects in regards to perfection and steps to potentially get there. The initial brainstorm will be blended topically into the remaining agenda as an initiation point of discussion. The information obtained from many oilfield measurements fall at the ends of a spectrum – as they are either obtained by probing or imaging the near-wellbore region at high vertical resolution or they illuminate large reservoir volumes at poor vertical resolution; and may be more sensitive to rock properties than to fluid behavior in the reservoir.

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