Africa (Sub-Sahara) Aminex Petroleum Egypt (APE), a subsidiary of UK-based Aminex, discovered oil at its South Malak-2 (SM2) well on the West Esh el Mellaha-2 concession in Egypt. Tests showed flow rates of approximately 430 B/D of 40 API gravity crude oil. Based on the findings at SM2, a full field development program will be presented to the Egyptian authorities and the joint venture partners before commercial development. APE is the operator of the license with partner Groundstar Resources. Foxtrot International discovered oil and gas at its Marlin North-1 well in Block CI-27, offshore Cote d'Ivoire. A 22-m perforated section of a gas-bearing column in a Turonian interval flowed at a stabilized rate of 25 MMcf/D of gas and 150 B/D of condensate through a 46/64-in.

  Geologic Time: Phanerozoic (0.30)
  Industry: Energy > Oil & Gas > Upstream (1.00)
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