Tony Hayward, Chief Executive, Exploration and Production, BP

The Way Ahead 

The Way Ahead Interview invites senior figures who shape our E&P industry to share their wisdom, experience, and deep knowledge with the young E&P professional community. For this interview, we travel to BP's London headquarters, just minutes away from the colorful and vibrant Piccadilly Circus, in the leafy and historic St. James's Square. This juxtaposition reflects BP's current state with both its venerable history and a bold and dynamic business culture set for the future. Please join us for an inspiring conversation with Tony Hayward, BP's Chief Executive for Exploration and Production. This interview reveals both his inclusive leadership character and his warm and engaging personality. Hayward shows how important it is to learn to think with your heart as well as your head. He also demonstrates that you can be passionate about your work while enjoying life outside your career.--John

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