TWA Article The Young Professional's Guide to Jakarta, Indonesia

Tony Fernandez, Noble Energy, Marjan Jamshidi, Jim Stiernberg, Tyler Roberts, Baker Hughes 

Frommer’s travel guide describes Jakarta as a “steamy, raw, chaotic place that puts all five senses in overdrive” and “not for the faint-hearted.” Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans and located on the northwest corner of the island of Java, Jakarta is a dizzying and sprawling metropolis. A city that used to serve as an integral trading port for the kingdom of Sunda and the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies, Jakarta continues to be an economic, cultural, and political epicenter for southeast Asia. Although the population of Jakarta proper is estimated at 10.2 million people, its urban area has spread to encompass more than 23 million people, trailing only Tokyo as the largest urban area in the world. This ultradense population has led to complex socioeconomic problems.