Agenda - SPE Middle East Artificial Lift Conference and Exhibition - 

This advanced course is intended for artificial lift and production professionals currently working with or managing ESPs. The teardown (or dismantle) of the ESP is the final phase of an ESP’s operation, but one that can give the most information on how the ESP performed during its life. Additionally, and maybe more importantly, the teardown and subsequent analysis can tell you why it failed. This key step is not simply taking each component apart, the ESP must be disassembled in a particular order, carefully inspecting for specific failure modes at each step, and, that order may vary with conditions and circumstances. Executive Plenary Session 1: Intelligent Lift 4.0 In the last two decades, the world has witnessed how efficient data flow among devices connected to the internet and machines has transformed and enhanced human lives and fundamentally altered every industry in what is known as the 4th Industrial Revolution.