Agenda - SPE Reservoir Simulation Conference - 

Sunday, February 19 Ensuring Reliable SCAL Data for Reservoir Modeling History Matching and Conditioning Reservoir Models to Dynamic Data Monday, February 20 01 Scalable Linear and Nonlinear Solvers Greenland I & II Session Chairpersons Bradley T Mallison - Chevron ETC, Rami Younis - University of Tulsa The robustness and efficiency of linear and nonlinear solvers continues to play a major role in overall simulator performance. This session features multi-level techniques for flow in highly heterogeneous formations and multi-stage strategies for tightly coupled and highly nonlinear multiphase systems. De Carvalho, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 02 Modeling Complex Recovery Processes I Venice Ballroom Session Chairpersons Mary Wheeler - The University of Texas At Austin, Ann Muggeridge - Imperial College London Increasing energy demand has led engineers to develop increasingly complex recovery processes. Reservoir simulation compliments laboratory and field testing by enabling engineers to perform detailed investigation of proposed mechanisms and also estimate performance at a variety of scales. Topics in this session include thermal recovery, geochemical reactions, coupled physical processes, complicated phase and flow behavior, and a variety of displacements in IOR/EOR for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.