By International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) Monday, 25 March 0900-1600 hours Instructors: Olivier Dubrule and Lukas Mosser, Imperial College London Deep Learning (DL) is already bringing game-changing applications to the petroleum industry, and this is certainly the beginning of an enduring trend. Many petroleum engineers and geoscientists are interested to know more about DL but are not sure where to start. This one-day course aims to provide this introduction. The first half of the course presents the formalism of Logistic Regression, Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks and some of their applications. Much of the standard terminology used in DL applications is also presented. In the afternoon, the online environment associated with DL is discussed, from Python libraries to software repositories, including useful websites and big datasets. The last part of the course is spent discussing the most promising subsurface applications of DL.

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