Natural Gas: A Rich Resource for Technological Challenges

Journal of Petroleum Technology 

When Gerald Schotman, Shell's chief technology officer, looks at the unconventional oil and gas business, he sees so many young technologies and "from the perspective a chief technology officer, that is such an opportunity." Shell's list of promising areas for research and development is broad, ranging from creating cheaper, more effective sensors for seismic testing to a new generation of specialized, automated drilling rigs. The goal is always "change that creates value." In natural gas the rewards can be broken down three ways: produce more gas per well now, bring down the costs per well, and reduce the footprint when doing so. The footprint can be defined in many ways: the size of the pads used for drilling multiple wells; the level of emissions; the water used; and the many ways exploration and production can touch the people and the environment, near and far.

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