TWA Article The Current State of Canadian Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays

Brad Hayes, Petrel Robertson Consulting 

Next to the Alaska Highway 97 north of Fort St. John in the thick forests of northern British Columbia natural gas is trucked out from the Highway Natural Gas Liquids Plant in the North Montney shale formation. Unconventional oil and gas have come to dominate the exploration and development scene in Western Canada since 2005, much as they have in the US. Both countries share essential elements needed to launch and sustain unconventionals: A long history of drilling, publicly available data, well-understood sedimentary basins, extensive infrastructure, a diverse corporate sector, and regulatory regimes supportive of innovative resource development. Following closely on developments in the US, the “tight gas” concept was a key component of the Canadian oil patch in the 1980s and 1990s. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing were employed in ever-tighter reservoirs, and in the early 2000s, Canadian operators began to appreciate the true potential of oil and gas from shales, tight reservoirs, and coal seams.

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