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SPE Enriched Search

The SPE is working with i2k Connect to deliver a new experience for finding and analyzing information on, PetroWiki, and OnePetro. This new AI-based technology combines machine learning with subject matter expert knowledge to automatically tag documents with unique, accurate and consistent metadata. Building on the familiar online shopping experience, you can focus on just the information you need.

When you first arrive, you will see the latest information. As you add search terms and filters, the matching documents are updated.

How to focus

  • Keywords. Enter text in the search box.
  • Peer Reviewed. Click the slider button in the "Peer Reviewed" box to focus on peer-reviewed items.
  • Date. Choose a date in the date box or click the icon to enter a date range. You may also click the icon to see a histogram of items by publication year. Slide the circles along the axis to tighten the focus.
  • Concept Tag. The i2k Connect Platform identifies words and phrases that best describe the content of an item. Select from the Concept Tag menu to focus on items with a particular tag.
  • Topic – SPE Disciplines, Geologic Time, Oilfield Places. The i2k Connect Platform classifies items into topics arranged in hierarchical taxonomies. Select from a menu with a icon to focus on a topic.
  • Conference, Publisher, Journal. Select from menus with these names.
  • Source. Select from the  Source menu to focus on OnePetro, PetroWiki, or

When you search, these instructions are replaced by the matching items. Click New Search to return to this starting page and begin a new search.

When you use this site on a mobile device, tap the icon at the top of the screen to show or hide the search box, and tap the icon to show or hide the left-hand-side menus.

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